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The FastTrack to SharePoint

The Modeler is a free online service providing a new, unique approach for SharePoint implementations: rapid interactive prototyping. The Modeler allows to build and manage the structure of a SharePoint site ("the Model") independently of the real implementation. It is like Visio on steroids: design your pages by simply dragging & dropping components onto a page, with all SharePoint components (like WebParts and list templates) predefined.

Build your site structure

The structure of a Model is similar to a site map: a hierarchical tree of sites and pages. The structure could quickly be rearranged by dragging & dropping of pages to a new position in the tree.

The Modeler provides predefined pages for all SharePoint list templates and for our additional templates.

Construct your pages

New pages and custom page templates can easily be added by just dropping WebParts to a page.

All WebParts provided by SharePoint are supported as well as our additional WebParts.

A generic placeholder allows to even include custom and 3rd party WebParts.

Instantly visualize your ideas

View Sample Wireframe
Each Model could be visualized instantly as an interactive wireframe. Wireframes look like sketches of SharePoint pages– but they go far beyond anything a simple drawing could. Not only do they show the layout of the pages as well as its navigation, structure and content but they are also clickable. Thus, you can let people navigate the site as they would if the wireframes were real SharePoint pages.

Getting feedback from users at an early stage is essential to a successful implementation. While you can model a prototype using paper or other tools, the more realistic the model is, the better visualization and feedback you will get.

New: Reports

Besides the interactive wireframes you can now get your complete Model also as a well structured Word document. This allows now to vizualize your ideas even when you are offline.

Sample Report Download Sample Report (54 pages, 2 MB)


Deploy your site in minutes

The Modeler is more than just a design tool: your Model could even be implemented automatically. By eliminating the tedious manual set-up of SharePoint the Modeler provides the ultimate FastTrack to SharePoint.

The free Sharepoint Factory automatically installs and implements your custom site on your SharePoint server in minutes. SharePoint Factory supports SharePoint WSS3.0, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS), SharePoint Foundation 2010, and SharePoint Server 2010.

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