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Legatus Issue Tracking System

Legatus is our Public Issue Tracking System. It combines the help desk with our product management and development workflow system. It shows the current development status of reported bugs and new features. It provides complete transparency - allowing you to track the IntranetFactory development process, extented with the ability to comment, vote and raise the priority of any problem or suggestion.

How does it work?

  1. IntranetFactory support engineers evaluate all support tickets, and publish confirmed bug reports and approved feature requests. You will receive a link to theLegatus issue for any issue you report.
  2. Everyone can rate, comment, and affect the priority of any logged issue, including yours.
  3. You can follow the status of your reported problem. You can also watch track issues reported by other users.
  4. You get a notification when a problem is fixed or a feature is implemented with a link to the respective version.