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How to build a permission structure

The SharePoint Factory Professional Edition creates 3 default user groups:

Global Administrators: for users with Administration rights

Global Editors: for users who are allowed to publish or update information

Global Viewers: for users with read-only access rights

Additional user groups and custom permissions can be assigned directly in the Model. Click on "Page Properties" in the toolbar of your site map page to open the following dialog:


To assign custom permissions the "Inherit Permission" check box needs to be unchecked.

The following options control which groups are used for each permissions type:

Inherit: uses the same group being used on the parent site

Page specific: create a new user group. The name of the group is the name of the site with the permission type appended e.g. a user group "Projects Editors" will be created if "Page specific" has been selected for "Editor"

Public: the "Global Viewers" group will be assigned

Global Editors: the "Global Editors" group will be assigned

Global Administrators: the "Global Administrators" group will be assigned

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