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The Modeler for SharePoint is a browser-based, online application running in the "Cloud" - so no download or installation is required to use the Modeler.

The Modeler for SharePoint service is provided free of charge (and we have no plans to charge for the service in the future).

To use the Modeler you need to:

1. Create your free account

Click here to create your account. We also hate SPAM - so we will never share your email address or send you more than infrequent emails about product updates. We send you an email confirmation after your account is created. The access to your account is enabled after you click on the confirmation link in that email.

2. Log In to your account

Click here to log in.

3. Start the Modeler

You can start the Modeler by clicking on the "Start Intranet Modeler" button on the right side of the product page or by going directly to:

4. Optional: Install your Model on your SharePoint server

Our SharePoint Factory converts your Model to a real SharePoint site. The SharePoint Factory is available as a free Express Edition and also as an extented Enterprise Edition.
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