The Hidden Gem: Search Server 2010 Express

Search Server 2010 Express - the better foundation for a free Intranet? [More]

Use A Task-Based Model for Your Intranet and Increase Productivity

So many intranets are built around the organizational chart. But people don't always work according to the org chart. [More]

Create An Intranet Communications Plan

According to a report from Nielsen Norman Group, while 70% of most corporate employees use the Intranet every day, most of what they do is just look up a corporate phone number and read the latest corporate news. [More]

Building A Community – Make Your Intranet Social

Building an effective community around your intranet can actually help employees work smarter. Blogs, forums, videos, calendars, wikis, and other social networking tools are being used right now in many global corporations to help distributed teams collaborate in real time and work together more effectively. [More]