How SharePoint Consultants benefit from IntranetFactory

Marco van Wieren, a SharePoint Consultant and editor at the SharePoint AppMarket wrote a great review about the IntranetFactory. He recognizes that the Intranet Factory is a big help for his daily work as a consultant. [More]

The Hidden Gem: Search Server 2010 Express

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What’s a wireframe? Why do you need it?

A “wireframe” is a simple sketch or schematic diagram representing the content and functionality of a single web page. A set of multiple wireframes representing an entire intranet becomes the prototype, or model of the site to come. [More]

Use A Task-Based Model for Your Intranet and Increase Productivity

So many intranets are built around the organizational chart. But people don't always work according to the org chart. [More]

Create An Intranet Communications Plan

According to a report from Nielsen Norman Group, while 70% of most corporate employees use the Intranet every day, most of what they do is just look up a corporate phone number and read the latest corporate news. [More]