Talk to people in your organization to find out what’s important

As a best practice, it’s a good idea to establish a point person tasked with leading an intranet development project. This person is often an IT project manager responsible for coordinating all stakeholders, content, design and development associated with rolling out the new intranet system. Perhaps that person is you. [More]

Sketch out the big picture with a site map

When most people hear the phrase “site map,” they think of a page on an existing web site with a long list of links to everything available on it. In web design circles, a “site map” is a schematic drawing or blueprint of the intended site. [More]

Creating New Content For Your Intranet

Remember the video game Pac-Man? Sometimes it can seem like your intranet is the little yellow guy gobbling up all of your time. How do you keep fresh content flowing through the system while you attend to other responsibilities? [More]

Building A Community – Make Your Intranet Social

Building an effective community around your intranet can actually help employees work smarter. Blogs, forums, videos, calendars, wikis, and other social networking tools are being used right now in many global corporations to help distributed teams collaborate in real time and work together more effectively. [More]

Best Practices For Setting Up An Intranet

Building a good intranet starts with understanding your users and tailoring navigation and content to fit their needs. How do you determine their needs? Ask. [More]