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Marco van Wieren, a SharePoint Consultant and editor at the SharePoint AppMarket wrote a great review about the IntranetFactory. He recognizes that the Intranet Factory is a big help for his daily work as a consultant. Marco strongly believes “that with the IntranetFactory a company can save itself a lot of time and money to get the first 80% of their requirements realized. And it’s exactly this 80% that is more or less the same for every company.

For a SharePoint Consultant this could mean that he can quickly jump to the more interesting bit, namely implementing the remaining 20% requirements.”

We’re very happy about this great review and therefore strongly recommend Marco’s article:

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Dennis Jensen Denmark
6/9/2011 3:17:46 AM #

I came across this tool not long ago and have been trying out the free version just out of curiosity. Honestly speaking there are tons of companies, applications, etc. that promises “a lot” and delivers a lot less when all comes to all, so my expectations were actually not high and I didn’t think the IntranetFactory would be any different.

BUT.... I have to admit that I stand corrected – my expectations were both met and exceeded !! This is truly a valuable tool in designing, well both SharePoint intranet and internet sites. I have seen a lot of solutions in my time as an IT professional and seldom they amaze me, let alone makes me jump up and down in the chair. But that was exactly what I experienced then using the IntranetFactory online tool. The option to then synchronize the online model and have a real SharePoint prototype site structure created on your own SharePoint server nearly brought me to tears (needless to say, but "happy tears").

I see great potential of both consultants and customers in using this tool, saving valuable time and effort !

Great work guys,
Dennis Jensen


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