HowTo: Install a server product


All IntranetFactory SharePoint applications are delivered with an installer.

The setup process consists of two steps:

1. The SharePoint solution is extracted and the required entries are added to the start menu
2. The solution package will be deployed to the SharePoint farm

The installation needs to be executed with the farm administration account directly on a SharePoint server.

Start Installation


After the Setup.exe is started an Welcome screen shows which product will be installed.

Click on "Next" to continue.

Select the installation folder


1. Verify and/or change the installation folder
2. Click on "Next" to continue

Start Installation


Click on Install to finally start the installation

Finish Installation


The installation just copies some files to your server - so the process is usually finished within minutes.

1. By default the deployment to the SharePoint server will be started when the Setup is finished
2. Click on "Finish" to finalize the first installation step

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