New SharePoint Modeler Version 2.2


The new version 2.1 of the free SharePoint Modeler was activated today. The new version provides

20 new WebParts

You can now use the following new WebParts in your Models: Content Query, Tag Cloud, What's New, Table of Contents, Summary Links, KPI Status List, KPI Indicator, Charts, Excel Web Access, Audio/Video Media Viewer, Slideshow, Silverlight, User Tasks, Site Users, XML Viewer, RSS Placeholder, Relevant Documents, Contact Details, Note Board and Report Viewer.

Model Reports

The new reporting engine allows now to automatically generate Word documents based on your Models. The first available reports are a sitemap and a complete documentation of the Model. This Model documentation includes all wireframes with their page and WebPart descriptions. The report allows now to show and discuss Models offline.

View a sample report: Model Documentation (Complete)-1459.pdf (1.83 mb)

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