Change Log - Modeler for SharePoint (IFM)

    Id Title Type Category Status
    IFM-2639 Allow to share a model with other users Suggestion / Idea Viewer Implemented
    IFM-2556 Top Navigation Tabs are overflowing the search field Bug Viewer Solved
    IFM-2672 Allow editing the page & WebPart descriptions directly in the viewer Enhancement Viewer Implemented
    IFM-2663 When the eMail address of an account is changed existing models are not showing any longer Bug Designer Solved
    IFM-2652 IE hangs/crashes sometimes on select WebParts page Bug Designer Solved
    IFM-2650 Sitemap report Enhancement Reports Implemented
    IFM-2651 Model report Enhancement Reports Implemented
    IFM-2661 Added 20 additional WebParts Enhancement Designer Implemented
    IFM-2649 New Reporting engine Enhancement Reports Implemented
    IFM-2641 Show the WebPart description in a tooltip Suggestion / Idea Viewer Implemented
    IFM-2629 Add an option to allow public access Suggestion / Idea Viewer Implemented
    IFM-2612 Add an option to use custom WebParts in a model New Feature none Implemented
    IFM-2608 Colorcode WebParts by Type New Feature none Implemented
    IFM-2587 Out Of Office / Absence Planner New Feature Templates Implemented
    IFM-2588 Project Manager Template New Feature Templates Implemented
    IFM-2589 Open Jobs, Recruiting Requisitions, Candidate Tracker New Feature Templates Implemented
    IFM-2584 FAQ Template New Feature Templates Implemented
    IFM-2585 Knowledge Base Template New Feature Templates Implemented
    IFM-2586 Lead Manager Template New Feature Templates Implemented
    IFM-2564 Internet Explorer tab continues to crash Bug Designer Solved
    IFM-2551 Copy Model link unavailable Bug Designer Implemented