IntranetFactory Products

SharePoint Content Inventory SharePoint Content Inventory generates a complete content inventory for SharePoint sites. The content inventory is exported as an Excel file providing information about all sites, lists and libraries.
IntranetFactory Modeler Modeler for SharePoint is a free service running in the "cloud". The Modeler provides a new, unique approach for SharePoint implementations: rapid interactive prototyping. The Modeler allows to build and manage the structure of a SharePoint site ("the Model") independently of the real implementation. It is like Visio on steroids: design your pages by simply dragging & dropping predefined components onto the page.
SharePoint Factory SharePoint Factory automatically installs and implements your custom site on your SharePoint server in minutes. By eliminating the tedious manual set-up activities, the Factory provides the ultimate FastTrack to SharePoint.
SharePoint Intranet Intranet Suite is an optional extension of the SharePoint Factory. The suite includes additional templates, applications and WebParts providing everything required to implement a complete Intranet in minutes.
SharePoint WebParts WebParts improve the usability of your sites. 
SharePoint Themes Themes make your SharePoint shine.